The ndu Approach

The idea behind our holistic dental treatment is more the just drilling the tooth.  The protocol begins before the patient starts their treatment. As a patient you are responsible for your own health and things like life style management will need to be assessed.

  • Do you have the right balance between rest and exercise?
  • Do you have a balanced diet?
  • Are you dehydrated?
  • What can you do to avoid your exposure to toxins?

Optimally, in order for you body to function, it has to have sufficient biological molecules (nutrients) in the correct proportions.

Heavy metals and other toxins disrupt the levels and proportional values of these molecules. They also disrupt enzyme pathways necessary for the body to maintain homeostasis (your body’s ability to maintain itself in balance).

Therefore the body needs to be supplemented with adequate amino acids, minerals and vitamins. It should also be free from as many heavy metals and toxins as possible, which is why we also specialise in, and advocate, a mercury free approach to our treatments.

At the ndu Clinic we integrate different practitioners to give you an optimised treatment plan.