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Rosemary Ferguson

How it works

During nutrition consultations, Rosemary will work with you to understand what your body needs to feel energetic, and full of health. You are unique, and so the nutritional strategy we make for you will be just for you, your body and your lifestyle.

Before Your First Consultation

If you would like to have a chat before you come, incase you have any questions, please call or email Rosemary.

When you have booked your consultation, Rosemary will email you a food diary form that you must keep for a week before your first visit, if that is possible.

First Consultation (60-90 mins)

During the initial consultation Rosemary will work with you to build a comprehensive profile of:

  • your diet
  • lifestyle
  • personal health history

Through highlighting the areas in your health and wellbeing that need to be worked on, we will create a realistic strategy that addresses these issues.

You’ll come away with an understanding of:

  • the nutrition issues relevant to you
  • dietary and lifestyle recommendations
  • notes and handouts with additional information on supportive naturopathic techniques

Rosemary may also suggest some supplementation with vitamins, minerals or herbs.

We work with testing labs used by GP’s and hospitals, and if appropriate, can arrange diagnostic testing to support your goals. This will be discussed during your consultation.

Follow Up Consultations (30-45 mins)

It is usually beneficial to have follow up consultations, it is helpful to talk about how you are responding to treatment, and how you are finding the plan. It is a good time to ‘tweak’ protocols, and to see how we can make changes last for a lifetime!

If you have had any tests carried out, then this is a great time to go through them, and Rosemary can explain the results to you.

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Opening Times

Rosemary operates from the ndu Clinic on Wednesday’s only.

No walk-in service available at the moment. Please get in contact to book an appointment to avoid disappointment.