Michaela Jezzard

Nutritional Therapist

Michaela is a fully qualified Registered Nutritional Therapist who graduated from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition with distinction and an Award from ION for best overall performance in the year, as well as winning a prestigious CAM Award. She then went on to complete the Functional Medicine training with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) to further improve the nutritional therapy experience. After a personal healing miracle she looked beyond nutrition and functional medicine to better understand her personal success in order to apply it to her clients. She started to incorporate additional layers of health and wellbeing including energy medicine, emotional health, lifestyle factors such as community and relationships and this led to meeting Dr Deanna Minich, a visionary practitioner in the US. Michaela then studied under Dr Minich to become a Food and Spirit Practitioner incorporating the 7 Systems of Health into her clinical work. This took the process further than diet and nutrition and encompassed emotional health, thought patterns, limiting beliefs, movement, the importance of being authentic and comfortable with your own uniqueness, a sense of purpose and much more.

In exploring the role of trauma passed down from previous generations through epigenetic and the DNA, Michaela had her first experience of family constellation work with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt and then discovered the exciting clinical tool of Autonomic Response Testing. Michaela then trained in ART to be able to build this cutting edge modality into her clinical work.

It is Michaela’s belief that the human body is capable of so much more than science currently understands and she likes to explore how to apply a diverse range of tools to meet the needs of individuals with unique health challenges. With a strong focus on food, phytonutrients and colour, connecting to nature through grounding and being outdoors, Michaela looks to restore balance to all systems at the level they exist: emotions and feelings are not physical so cannot be addressed at that level where emotional imbalance is found, so modalities including mental field therapy, use of colour especially in foods, lifestyle recommendations, supportive networks, and other recommendations are made alongside diet, nutrition and supplement recommendations to create a personalised programme to address your needs on multiple levels.

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