Petyo Georgiev

Dr Petyo Georgiev

Dentist, laser specialist

Dr Petyo Georgiev is an experienced dental practitioner. Focused on the newest developments in the field of dentistry, he always aims to provide the best care to his patients. Interested in the laser technology and its application in the medical field since his university years, he has obtained an MSc degree "Lasers in Dentistry" in Germany, under the supervision of prof. N. Gutknecht – one of the leading authorities in the field.

The high precision and the significantly reduced discomfort, associated with the application of a specific laser is of great benefit to the patient. Procedures which are often associated with significant post-operative discomfort, when performed the conventional way, are much simpler and quicker, with little or no disruption to the patient's daily life. A special interest of Dr Georgiev is the treatment of periodontitis. By introducing the laser procedures in the treatment cascade, he has had excellent results in advanced cases of the disease.

The scope of laser applications is constantly increasing. Dr Georgiev has also recently undertaken the training and is now performing non-invasive aesthetic procedures and anti-snoring therapy using an Er:YAG laser.

Dr Georgiev also works towards a degree in implant dentistry and regularly attends different postgraduate courses to maintain high levels of continuing professional development.


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