Marijus Ambraziunas

Marijus Ambraziunas

Holistic Dentist

Dr. Marijus Ambraziunas is a young and an experienced dentist, with 10 years of dedication to excellence in dentistry, who has been working in UK since 2005. Continuously studying and professionally developing individual, who is able to apply his knowledge in practice. Following Holistic Dentistry approach in diagnostics, prevention and dental treatment procedures for over 8 years. An enthusiastic and friendly person with excellent interpersonal communication skills.

He has been working successfully with phobic patients, which used to have all their dental treatment done under full sedation. By removing the blocks and gaining patient’s trust he helps them overcome constant fears and phobias for the future. In some cases Dental Hypnosis can be used to get a deeper sense of relaxation.

Currently, Dr Marijus is studying bio-resonance/ bioelectromagnetic medicine. This is a new tool for dental practitioners, which will enable better diagnostics and non-invasive therapy for our patients.

He works closely with the team of experts: nutritionists, physiotherapists, naturopaths and other doctors, who practice integrated medicine.

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