Galina Boggis Rolfe


Galina Boggis-Rolfe

How it works

Homeopathy works by assisting the body’s own powers of self-healing, rather than brushing them aside or overriding them, as conventional medical treatments often do.

Homeopathy has often proved invaluable in the treatment of chronic illnesses, where the best efforts of conventional medicine have failed. Consequently, homeopathy and conventional medicine should be seen as complementary. This is why at the ndu Clinic we make a range of options available for someone considering Homeopathy.

Dr Sharma uses a holistic approach to health, which means that as well as noting a patient’s physical symptoms, their mental and emotional states may be considered just as important in ascertaining the underlying nature of the disease.

From this perspective, viruses and bacteria may not be the only causative disease factors – they are opportunistic organisms that take advantage of the body’s lowered immune system and defenses. Similarly, fevers, skin eruptions, vomiting, or headaches are not the disease either – they represent the body’s attempts at re-establishing harmony, which in so doing gives rise to these symptoms.

Thus, the goal of homeopathy is to support the patient’s immune system while assisting it in its attempts to restore balance.

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